You can now smoke alcohol ?

Now we know that smoking is bad for you in the typical forms such as tobacco, crack and the like. But after browsing the web one day I came across this website that sells an alcoholic vapor product. The basic premise is that you consume the vapor of spirits and premixed cocktails rather than in liquid form.

When I first learnt of this method i did think to myself that surely this can’t be good for you! Right? After some more research into the company they may have convinced me slightly.

The site claims that their product or rather the machine will use only 1 x 750ml bottle of spirits across 1,500 “Vapshots” claiming that the system is very efficient in the conversion of liquid to a gas.

They have also seemingly commissioned their own research through a company who claims to be that same standard as used by law enforcement agencies. The data shows that a male consumed 2 x 1l bottles of the “Vap” product then 1 minute later blew a BAC of 0.062 then a second test was conducted 30 minutes later with the subject returning a neutral or zero BAC all while receiving the same “buzz” that normal intoxication provides.

The website goes onto say that due to the vapor the effects are instant thus stopping the user from “stacking” drinks and binging until the intoxiciton is relaised by the body. The site indicates that each “shot” of vapors effects only last for 10-15 minutes at a time.

With the above taken into consideration the site has enough data which makes me believe that this could be possible and almost safe enough compared to normal alcohol. I think I would try this at least once. At an RRP of $6 per shot it seems like a lucriteve buinsess venture to clubbing and bar scenes.

Check out the below video from the companies website.


Would you give it ago ? Let me know in the comments below.


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