Tea cocktail anyone? Artillery Punch!

When you think of a hot summers afternoon the second that usually comes into our heads is that refreshing summer drink. We have noticed a trend this year in alcoholic tea drinks so we thought what better way to celebrate the hot weather and additional Waner weather with this rather potent tea punch / cocktail! aka Artillery Punch!

The recipe is below, but remember to drink with caution as this a strong one and things could get out of hand! 

2 ounces of green tea leaves
4 large lemons
1/2 pound turbinado or light brown sugar
1 quart dark rum
1 quart brandy
1 quart rye or bourbon whiskey
3 bottles champagne

1. Soak the tea leaves 8 hours or overnight in a 4 cups of cold water. Strain the liquid from the leaves into a large container that will hold all the spirits (use wooden, porcelain, or glass; do not use plastic or metal). Juice 3 lemons through a strainer into the tea and add the sugar, stirring until it is dissolved.

2. Stir in the rum, brandy, and whiskey, cover, and let stand at room temperature for at least 8 hours or for up to a week. It’s pretty well indestructible at this point.

3. When ready to serve the punch, thinly slice 1 lemon. To serve the punch, allow 6 cups of the base for every bottle of champagne. First pour the brew over an ice ring or large block of ice in a punch bowl. Add the sliced lemon and swirl in the champagne, being careful not to disturb its effervescence.

Serve with caution, dont say we didn’t warn you! Let’s us know how you went with this one ! 

One thought on “Tea cocktail anyone? Artillery Punch!

  1. Tipsy Teas are divine – thank you for sharing this recipe. The method described above is fool proof (cold steeping). The taste of the green tea may be lost by the addition of rum and brandy. For those who would like the taste of the tea to have a stronger presence I recommend the following techniques. (1) Infuse your spirits with tea. Poor spirits into seal-able glass container. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves (or herbal/fruit tea ingredient) for every 5 ounces of spirit. Allow to sit overnight (or up to three days) to allow the flavors to mingle. Strain before using. Voila! (2) Tea infused simple syrup. Steep tea very strongly (this means more tea ingredient added to less water – this does not mean more heat or more time (increased heat and time in hot water destroy the natural oils of the tea leaf and bring out far too many tannins – this created a very bitter brew!). Strain the leaves from the liquid. Place this liquid over heat and add add sugar (equal parts sugar and liquid). Stir until sugar dissolves. Cool. Places in a sealed container in the fridge for up to a month. Use this in cocktails, to create Italian sodas, or drizzle over any number of things (yogurt, ice cream, baking). (3) Spiked brew. Brew your favorite tea a tad stronger than normal (more tea ingredient – not longer steep or more heat). Remove leaves. Pour and add your favorite spirit to taste. Serving the tea chilled will intensify the favor. Enjoy. Happy Sipping.


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