The count down is on! Tipsy Connoisseur at sea

As you may or may not know the Tipsy Connoisseur will be traveling the high seas this coming Saturday aboard the Carnival Spirit for 7 days around the pacific.

As we have said we will be looking exclusively at the Adult only options of food and drink offered as opposed to other reviews. The ship offers many venues for said drinking and eating! Below is a list of the reviews you can expect as to cover off in the Tipsy way!

And by all means please let us know if we missed something or if there is something we should pay special attention too!

  1. The Chefs Table – More an experience than a venue, the chefs table is an “experience of a lifetime” as stated on the Carnival site. The VIP experience is for only 12 people at any one time. The experience covers cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a tour of the galley followed by a dinner.
  2.  Seaday Brunch – No what is better after a night of drinking, dancing and running a muck ? BRUNCH! And we all love brunch here at the Tipsy Connoisseur! The ship offers a brunch menu in the main dining room, no time is listed but we would assume it would be offered from 11am – 1pm, but we will sea! Get it? Get it?
  3. Main Atrium Bar – You cant miss this bar its right in the central atrium of the hub. The last time i was on this this prior to being the Tipsy connoisseur i spent a lot of time here. From late afternoon well into the night there was a duo singing and playing the piano, they would also take requests. I will be sure to visit this one as well.
  4. The day spa – Not really food or alcohol but it is one of the adult based options on the ship. We will be sure to provide an overview on these services offered as well as a price list (which seems to be hard to find).
  5. Main dining room – The main dining room is where the general ship population is sent to eat dinner inclusive in the cruise cost excluding the booze! Previous experience has been good considering the volume and size of the dinner service offered.
  6. The night club! Now this is one is certainly only for adults even to the point last time aboard this cruise i was asked for ID not my “sail and sign” card but my actual ID, i never understood this due to the fact that my ID was basically loaded onto the “sail and sign” card none the less will give this the Tipsy treatment.
  7. Adults only area – This i a haven located at the back of the ship and given the name does not allow children in the area. We will review the bar offerings, service and decor as i plan to spend most of my time in this area.

We may also report on some more of the many options available but these will be the main ones!

Let us know if there are any others we should check out.

Happy wining, dining and sailing. TTC

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