Harry Phats .. Great food, not so great service

Today (Sunday) was an amazing day in Sydney which is a stark contrast from the crap weather we were subjected to last week. On my travels out and about in the sun I ended up at Manly corso at Harry Phats Asian street food on the rooftop of the Steyne Hotel.

I had never heard of this place and decided to give it a go. The absolute best part of this restaurant is the view and the decor. As you can imagine manly is centre stage in every window and sitting area.

Harry Phats - Manly Beach

Upon arrival we were greeted by a young girl at the register in the main dining room. We asked for a table for two and that we wanted to sit outside. She looked perplexed and told us to basically sit where ever we wanted and that she would be out. The impression i got was she really didn’t care where we sat.

Harry Phats - Sav Blanc Wine

After studying the menu (which we had to get ourselves) we ordered the chef’s selection of dumplings and other goodies. We also ordered a peking duck dish. There of course had to be wine and that saw us order a sav Blanc and a Pinot grigio. Menu can be found here on the Harry Phats website.

After waiting for almost 40 minutes the food finally came out. First the chef’s selection of dumplings, this was very good and also represented ok value. For $18 we had one pork bun, two dim sim, two prawn dumplings and some other assorted dumplings (see picture).  They all tasted pretty amazing as you would imagine with most dumplings.

Harry Phats - Food

The peking duck was next on the list. This version had a classic peking sauce with shredded roasted duck and the skin. The dish also had broccoli, bok choy, cabbage and chat potatoes. This dish was very good indeed! The duck was moist and flavoursome smothered in the sauce. The veggies were cooked to perfection and this was served with the some steamed rice.

Overall this restaurant is very good. Number one again the view is the winner! The food was great but the overall experience was let down by the service. As a customer I felt like the wait staff just really couldn’t give a shit about us.

The restaurant did advertise that they are doing yum cha between 12pm and 5pm Saturday’s and Sunday’s from next week, thinking we may give this one a go! I love yum cha !

Give it a go or let me know if you have been here and what you thought!

Happy wining and dining. TTC.

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