Vodka High Tea, yes you read that correctly

So what could be better than a high tea ? Little sandwiches, sweets and perfect pastries. Well how about adding in a bit of tipsy goodness to that experience with the food societies vodka high tea.

We were lucky enough to sample this offering on Saturday and tipsy did we get! FullSizeRender 9The food society is located in Darlinghurst Sydney and has been offering great food and drink since 2011. The decor is like if the salvos store exploded into a empty venue, its cool but is it my taste ? Probably not! One down side to the venue was the corridor linking the main dining room, kitchen and corridor. This section of the venue had a foul odor much like a mold or damp smell.

On our arrival to the food society we were greeted by our waiter, i didn’t catch the name. We were the shown our seat and the feasting and drinking began!

The service overall was very slow. From being ready to order to the first drinks / food coming out was about 35 minutes. Drinks came out in an unorganized fashion, so at any one time the table only had 1 – 2 out of the 7 drinks ordered. One of the guests at the table after about 45 minutes asked the waiter when the food would come out. We were told “when its ready”. For a venue which is taking bookings for set menus i would have thought the demand would have been anticipated.

The food on offer was exceptional so worth the wait! For the savory selection we were treated to pepper shortbread with fennel jam and prosciutto, green tea smoked FullSizeRender 10salmon on cucumber, filo pie of creamed leek and double smoked bacon, cucumber sandwich and my absolute favourite! Brioche finger sandwich with chicken and duck egg hollandaise.

For sweet treats we had a strawberry trifle, poached pears with orange and clove vodka, berry macaron and handmade chocolate truffles.

Now as mentioned above and in the title this isn’t your typical high tea! Along with all the tea you cFullSizeRender 13ould drink this one also included vodka! I was expecting cocktails but it ended up coming out a shots or as they call it “sippers” this lead to a very boozy lunch!

The first vodka we sampled was orange and clove vodka from poland. This had a great taste and was very smooth with the typical warming sensation that vodka / spirits brings. To .e totally honest after the first two i lost count and couldn’t remember what we had

The vodka high tea experience came in two packages. For $70 you get a high tea selection and a number of cocktails aka shots, but for those who don’t want the booze they have a non alcoholic choice.

Overall the experience was pretty good, yes it was a little on the expensive side but for a total experience and the atmosphere provided it was worth it. Plus nothing better than starting a big night out with a boozy lunch and some good grub!

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